Thursday, March 18, 2010



Please forgive me for what I am about to write, I am responsible for so much pain, my ex husband and I caused to our son's.

My son were victims of Domestic Violence and it was wrong. No justification will erase any pain or damage which was caused.

For the past eleven years, I have expressed to my son's time and time again it was wrong. No excuse, it was wrong, I was wrong.

I will take full responsibility because as there mother I did not protect them as I should have. I have been reminded of the hurt my ex and I have caused our son's.

I have prayed to our God, for forgiveness, over and over, I pray for him to help me to help others and I prayed for my son's to forgive me.

My love for my children is unconditional, I hang my head low because of my love for them, I continued through the cycle of abuse.

For those who are with out sin, cast the first stone. I am with sin and I am deeply sorry for all the pain you have endured my son's.

To my daughter, I gave you my life, I love you and my grandchildren so deeply, and I ignored the abuse which continued in our home.

I will never disown you and your brothers you are my blood and my love I must stop the cycle, I must be held responsible for the cycle of abuse.

I walk with God, when my time comes, I walk with God. I will not take you with me I will wait when God decides for me to walk with him.

So, to my children, I love you more then you will ever know and I pray one day, we will come together again as a family.

To my past abuser, no matter what damage which has been caused, it is my memory and my choice to tell my story. Our children have nothing to do with this.

I wish you all the blessing in the world but...Please do not try to prevent me from helping others.

Madeline, was judge and almost stoned until, Jesus stopped them from stoning her.

So, to all my friends and supporters, please forgive me. I was wrong.

God bless all of you.

Rosa Torres-Sadler


  1. Oh my goodness Rosa. This is strong. This is so intense and feeling.

  2. Very emotional, right now, but I feel the same way. I did not choose to be abused, but I did choose to stay, although, at the TIME, I thought I had no other choice. I hope that I am making up for it now. Only time will tell, I guess. I will be praying that one day your children will come to realize that you made bad choices, from the only options that were given to you, and not for lack of love for them. It does happen, my friend... My daughter forgave me, Thank God. Never give up hope..... Lose that, and you lose yourself. Much love. I am always around, if you ever need a shoulder!! ((HUGZZ)) One baby step, at a time!!